At Beales Hotels, we try to source our food locally where possible, as befits a company that has been present in the area for eight generations and whose family has links in Hertfordshire back to the fifteenth century.

The following are local suppliers and organisations with whom we have a connection and who assist us in our quest for good quality local produce proudly grown in Hertfordshire and neighbouring counties. As you can see from the list below, we have a large network of suppliers that work year round to bring good food to the table for our guests.

Our current intention is to increase the amount of locally sourced food from Herts and a 50 mile radius to at least 10% of the total annual purchases – but we would like it to be much more than this. For some of our suppliers listed below, we have provided the post code and distance from the hotels. This information is underneath in green.

You can view a PDF map of where the most local suppliers are located.

Andrew Beale - Managing Director & Wayne Turner - Executive Chef

Halal Meat Notice

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    Beef & Pork

    Bridget is the fifth generation to work at Sacombe Hill Farm, north of Hertford, with a fine herd of tenth generation pedigree Simmental cows, kept in lush pastures in summer and wintered in comfortable barns. Their bull won the Supreme Champion accolade at the Royal Show in 2006 – the highest achievement in farming. Simmental cows are a fine Swiss breed noted for their milk used in Suchard chocolate, and for the extremely tender steaks and mince that we serve in the hotels. Bridget also supplies us with delicious pork and bacon from her Gloucester Old Spot pigs.

    Game and Venison

    Sacombe Hill Farm is situated in classic deer country in the most rural part of Hertfordshire and as a consequence is populated by large herds of wild deer often visible in broad daylight on the edge of woodland. The venison that is shot on the farm has a slightly more gamey taste than the tamer farmed deer but as a result is far more authentic. As well as deer, Bridget Borlase supplies our hotels with pheasant, partridge, wild duck, rabbit, pigeon and hare, as and when any animal or bird has the misfortune to be targeted by her gun ! Truly local, truly organic, a true taste of Hertfordshire.

    SG14 3NL - WLP - 22.1 miles

  • The Denham Estate

    Denham Estate is located in Suffolk near Bury St Edmunds and has the largest herd of fallow deer in the country, some 3000 in number, roaming free among the 1200 acres of the estate.

    The venison farm was founded by estate owners Michael and Cecilia Gliksten, who now supply all of London’s top restaurants, the House of Lords, and the Ritz Hotel.

    Michael recently passed away, but Cecilia is continuing to provide first class fallow deer venison, partridge, pheasant and mallard duck to Beales Hotels.

    IP29 5EQ - WLP - 70.9 miles

  • Dingley Dell Pork

    Dingley Dell Pork was established in 1999 by Mark and Paul Hayward on their farm near Woodbridge in the beautiful Deben valley of Suffolk. At Dingley Dell, pigs are born, reared and grown outdoors all year round. We feature Dingley Dell pork fillet, loin, cheek, sausages and belly on our menus at Beales Hotels.

    WLP - 94.3 miles

  • Humphreys & Sons - 01245 361214

    Blixes Farm is a third generation family farm near Fairstead in Essex. It is noted for the quality of its lamb which is in short supply in Hertfordshire. Andrew Humphreys is passionate about his flock and hand mixes all their feed, also providing them with fresh bedding daily, and access to fresh straw for forage. The lambs are not subjected to a stressful journey to a distant slaughterhouse but are killed on the farm, which maintains meat quality. There is a delightful farm shop as well, packed with local produce.

    WLP - 49.0 miles

  • The Stickleback Fish Company Ltd

    Ross Arnold, whose grandfather started the business in Cockfosters in 1959, believes passionately in responsibility, sustainability and, where possible line-caught fishing, sourcing the freshest possible fish for his customers.

    When his grandfather started the business, fish was a plentiful, reasonably priced product but, because of over-fishing, fish is now difficult to source. They now have to go direct to the fishermen to build up a relationship with them to obtain the best fish they possibly can.

    By going on to, they can see the fisherman who caught that fish, together with a picture of his boat – hence showing the provenance of the catch. We also find crayfish for our sandwiches from Ross, some of which comes from the River Lee in Hertfordshire.

    WLP - 1.5 miles

  • Direct Milk Supplies

    Direct Milk Supplies is a third generation family run business, formed in 1966. The company, based in Elstree, Herts, is headed by brother and sister Doug and Glynis Jenkins assisted by Doug’s wife Sue and son Alex. The milk is ‘farm assured’, ensuring that only top quality milk is used, produced to stringent standards governing food safety, animal welfare and protection of the environment. The local farms that provide our milk comply fully with the requirements of the Assured Dairy Farm (ADF) national dairy farm assurance scheme. The ADF scheme focuses on all aspects of dairy husbandry and milk production.

    WLP - 10.3 miles

  • Alan & Angela

    Alan and Angela are the beating heart of Wobbly Bottom, near Hitchin, having embarked on their cheese-making odyssey at the farm more than a decade ago.

    Their hands-on approach to the rearing, feeding and milking of the herd, combined with passion and skill in the dairy, make the farm and its products a force to be reckoned with. The mixed herd at Wobbly Bottom Farm is comprised of four varieties of goat that have been exclusively bred for dairy production.

    WLP - 26.8 miles

  • Ford Farm

    Although the famous Wookey Hole cave aged cheddar is not as close to Beales Hotels as we would like, we could not resist serving it in our hotels. The truckles of cheddar stay deep inside Wookey Hole cave for six months using the age-old technique of maturing the finest cheddar in a damp environment to give it a sharp and tangy flavour, infinitely more complex than the normal cheddar found in supermarkets.

    WLP - 154.6 miles

  • Sharpham Wine & Cheese

    The Camembert-like Sharpham Elmhirst is featured on our cheese selection. It comes from the dreamy Sharpham Estate on the banks of the River Dart in Devon, downstream from Totnes, and upstream from Dartmouth and Kingswear. The estate is known both for its wine and its cheese, and is run by Mark Sharman who took over from his uncle in 1988. The estate makes for a great day out and the restaurant is highly recommended ! Too far from Beales Hotels for our liking, but there are so few dairy farms around here now.

    WLP - 239.4 miles

  • Cropwell Bishop Creamery

    In 1949 Somerset Creameries under Frank Skailes acquired Cropwell Bishop Creamery. In 1981, David and Ian Skailes took the helm from their father, and became the joint managing directors of Somerset Creameries.

    David’s son, Ben, started working for the company in 2004, followed two years later by his cousin, Robin. In 2005 Somerset Creameries became known as Cropwell Bishop Creamery. Robin and Ben now manage the running of the creamery under the watchful eye of their fathers, who remain closely involved in the business. In June 2013 they were delighted to be crowned Midlands and East Anglia Family Business of the Year.

    WLP - 115.5 miles

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    In 1949 Somerset Creameries under Frank Skailes acquired Cropwell Bishop Creamery. In 1981, David and Ian Skailes took the helm from their father, and became the joint managing directors of Somerset Creameries.

    David’s son, Ben, started working for the company in 2004, followed two years later by his cousin, Robin. In 2005 Somerset Creameries became known as Cropwell Bishop Creamery. Robin and Ben now manage the running of the creamery under the watchful eye of their fathers, who remain closely involved in the business. In June 2013 they were delighted to be crowned Midlands and East Anglia Family Business of the Year.

    WLP - 129.2 miles

  • Jody Scheckter

    Jody Scheckter started his organic/biodynamic farm in Hampshire to produce the best-tasting, healthiest food without compromise for himself and his family and produced the first serious buffalo mozzarella to be made in the UK. Nothing is added to lengthen the shelf life – it is simply made with buffalo milk fresh from the dairy. Almost zero food miles as well…. If you thought only the Italians can make fabulous mozzarella, think again. He travelled to Italy to learn from the masters, and now he thinks he has beaten them at their own game! The milk from his own herd of buffalo is especially sweet and fragrant thanks to the grass with 31 herbs, grasses and clovers. Creamy white, smooth and delicate with a subtle tang, this is the one to beat.
  • Tims Dairy

    Tim’s Dairy is a second generation family dairy in Chalfont St Peter, Bucks. They supply us with delicious natural and assorted fruit organic yoghurt that you will find on the breakfast buffet at both hotels. Euripides and Michael Timotheou started the dairy in central London in the 1940’s and it is now run by brothers Chris and Peter Timotheou from modern premises in Buckinghamshire.

    SL9 0QH - WLP - 28.8 miles

  • Clover Free Range

    We are delighted at Beales Hotels to commit to only buying Free range eggs for our guests. We are even more delighted to have found a lovely farm in Beale family country near Royston, Herts, in the hamlet of Kneesworth. The Clover free range eggs are quite delicious.

    Corinne Joyce at Hill View Farm has 7500 birds on the farm, housed in small numbers at night and free to roam during daylight hours over clover rich pastures. The eggs are collected twice daily and delivered to West Lodge Park and Beales Hotel within two days to guarantee that fresh farm taste.

    WLP - 37.2 miles

  • Criterion Ices

    Third generation family ice cream producers at Manor Farm Creamery near Bury St Edmunds, started by the Valenti family in 1920. A delicious range of ice creams and sorbets on the menus at both hotels including exclusive strawberry, honeycomb, gold medal vanilla, Belgian chocolate chip, stem ginger, Turkish delight, lemon meringue, peach melba and pistachio. Jim Valenti is the grandson of the founder.

    IP31 3QJ - WLP - 81.8 miles

  • Town & Country Fine Foods

    David Lyell (1942 – 2009) started this independent and family run business, Town and Country Fine Foods over 35 years ago selling after dinner mints from his home, with a vision of providing the finest service and chocolate products to restaurants and hotels.

    We use Town and Country for some of our petits fours and for particularly tasty bedroom biscuits.

    WLP - 38.9 miles

  • Maldon Salt

    Fourth generation family organic salt makers based at Maldon on the River Blackwater in Essex. 43 salt pans at Maldon were recorded in the Domesday book in 1086.

    CM9 6UZ - WLP - 44.9 miles

  • The Bread Factory

    The Bread Factory was founded in Hendon by Gail Stephens in the 1990’s making artisan bread for the local market as well as top London restaurants. The bread is served daily at West Lodge Park and is completely delicious, including sour dough, fruit loaf, flat bread, and soda bread. Recent awards include gold medal in the Great Taste Awards 2011, and winner of the Grocer Gold Awards in 2010.

    WLP - 12.7 miles

  • Victoria Bakery

    As befits a family business founded on baking with seven generations of bakers, we bake much of our bread and cakes in house, but also get help from Victoria Bakery in Barnet, the five generation local bakers headed by James Freeman with a strong local reputation. Highly recommended for exquisite wedding cakes and for wonderful cakes, pastries and the Christmas puddings we serve each festive season.

    WLP - 4.8 miles

  • Tiptree

    Fourth generation family firm. Fruit farmers for over 300 years and now with 1000 acres of farmland around Tiptree in Essex. We are proud to serve the mini pots of fine award winning marmalades and jams at breakfast.

    CO5 0RF - WLP - 53.8 miles

  • West Lodge Park Honey

    In conjunction with Ron and Mary Hunter of the Enfield Beekeepers association, we now have four colonies of bees at West Lodge Park Hotel.

    Last year, these colonies produced over 180 jars of honey which is available to buy at the hotel reception and is used in the dessert menus at both hotels.

    The set honey comes from the rape seed that surrounds the hotel in the early spring months, while the runny honey is collected at the end of summer and is thanks to the garden and arboretum flowers in a 3 mile radius from the hotel.

    WLP - 0.0 miles

  • Fairfield Farm Crisps

    Robert and Laura Strathern farm potatoes in the Colne valley near Colchester. Delicious crisps, locally made by themselves, served in the bar at both hotels. Winners of the gold medal in the Great Taste awards, most recently in 2012.

    WLP - 64.1 miles

  • Petar Zivkovic & Mark Fanner

    Hatfield’s finest brewers Mark, Pete and Chris have created some fantastic ales which we are proud to stock at both hotels.


    We could tell you that our new ale has a deep amber colour, a light hoppy aroma and a rich and rounded malty taste balanced by subtle hoppiness, to give a supremely clean, smooth and refreshing ale.


    Some might say silence is golden, but it’s worth breaking that rule to let you know our new golden ale is brewed using unique Herefordshire Cascade hops which give a subtle citrus flavour, coupled with Cara malt to give a light golden colour and a hint of sweetness.

    WLP - 14.4 miles

  • Café du Monde

    Mike Osborne is a fantastic guy, and has served us at Beales Hotel for many years. Delicious Arabica coffee, great support and training, meaning that the coffee served in our Outsidein Restaurant, TalkBar, conference and banqueting rooms, and bedrooms is of the highest quality.

    WLP - 36.7 miles

  • Newby Tea was founded in London in 2000, with varieties selected and branded according to tea garden, individually labelled.

    The 200 varieties of Newby Tea are exported to a large part of the world and many loose leaf teas are served at both West Lodge Park and Beales Hotel. Newby teas and tisanes have won 85 awards in these evaluations, making Newby one of the most decorated tea companies in the world.

    WLP - 36.7 miles

  • Harrogate Spring Water

    Harrogate Spring Water was awarded ‘best in class’ at the British Bottlers Institute Tasting Awards 2011 and 2012, and was voted the world’s finest sparkling bottled water at the International water tasting awards in the USA.

    The water comes from the pure spring in the Harlow Hill area of Harrogate in the Pinewoods Conservation area.

    We have had more local mineral waters at Beales Hotels in recent years, but this is the best quality we could find in the UK at the expense of a greater distance to travel.

    WLP - 70.8 miles

  • The Tring Brewery Company was founded in 1992 and after a ‘brewing drought’ of over fifty years it once again brought the traditional art of brewing back to the picturesque West Hertfordshire market town of Tring.

    Started by Richard Shardlow, an experienced brewer having worked for Greene King, Ruddles and Devenish, the brewery was joined by Andrew Jackson from Whitbread in 2000 who has both a brewing and retail background.

    WLP - 27.4 miles

  • The Hertfordshire Agricultural Society

    Every year the Hertfordshire Show, the main showcase for produce from this great county, excels itself. The show is run by the Hertfordshire Agricultural society and has become the focal point for local food that shows off this county at its finest. Beales Hotels are supporters and sponsors of the show and are proud to be associated with it. Mike Harman, General Secretary, runs a military-style operation relying on an army of volunteers.

    WLP - 20.5 miles

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