Here you can keep up to date with what's happening in and around Beales Hotels.

January 2004:

Hatfield Beales Hotel

• At the close of business on 1st January 2004, Hatfield Lodge Hotel will have said goodbye to its last customer after 40 years of trading with Beales - 100s of weddings, 1000s of conferences, 100s of 1000s of overnight guests; so many people have passed through the doors in the last 40 years. Happily, of course, it is only a temporary closure, and the new Hatfield Beales Hotel will rise phoenix-like from the rubble of the old hotel in October 2004.

• My thanks go to all the staff who have worked with such dedication and loyalty until the end, and we all look forward to seeing you return in the summer.

Some of the key staff will be retained during the closed period:

Julie Battye General Manager
Mark Furlong Deputy Manager
Lauren Woodman Head Receptionist
Alan Mansbridge Executive Chef
Denise Parkinson Head Housekeeper
Emma Curtis Receptionist
Tracy Woods Housekeeper
Andrew Ives Chef
Daniel Smithson Chef

These members of the team will be allocated various duties at WLP and BB, as well as setting up a temporary Hatfield Beales Hotel sales office in the business centre at WLP.

The HL telephone number will be diverted to the business centre so that enquiries can still be taken as before.

Technology News

• HB will have the new Visual One Systems PMS & EPOS & Sales & Catering modules installed from January 2004, allowing the team to take any kind of booking on one terminal, whether bedroom, conference, dinner/dance, wedding, restaurant, or room service.

• This will be rolled out next year into WLP and BB.

• We have signed up with SwissCom to offer high speed wireless internet access to our guests in all 3 hotels, at no cost to ourselves; guests will purchase a scratch card at reception that will enable them to download e-mails, surf the net etc, from anywhere within the hotel.

• HB will have a Ving Card electronic door locking system installed, with no more need for keys, and nothing to go wrong…..?!

And finally...

AB and the design team from the Art Department at the University of Hertfordshire


And, of course, a very Happy New Year to all our staff, shareholders, guests, and suppliers.


Andrew Beale
Managing Director