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Meetings - John Evelyn Room

Air Conditioned
The John Evelyn room includes the John Evelyn Conservatory

John Evelyn Room Layouts:


John Evelyn Room Maximum Capacity:

  • 68+2 TopTheatre Style
  • 45Round tables
  • 38+2 TopClassroom
  • 25U-Shape
  • 26Boardroom
  • 30+2 TopCabaret
  • The Conservatory can accommodate a further 12 persons. Maximum capacity does not allow for projection equipment.

John Evelyn Room Floor Plan:


John Evelyn Room Dimensions:

  • 7.9m (26'1")Length:
  • 5.7m (19'0")Width:
  • 3.8m (12'7")Height:

John Evelyn Room Prices:

  • £550.009.00am – 5.00pm
  • £400.00from 6.30pm
For more information about hiring this Suite/Room, please email or call a member of our business and conference team on 020 8216 3943.