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Beales Hotels takes its responsibilities for the environment very seriously with a proven track record not just recently but over decades. Sustainability is not just a new buzz-word but defines everything we do as a family business that has survived for eight generations and for over 235 years.

Key achievements include:

Green Awards

Latest Green Awards leaflet

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Sustainable City

Overall winner Sustainable City Award 2008
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National runner up Green Apple Environment awards 2003

considerate hoteliers

Winner Environmental Hotel of the year Considerate Hoteliers Annual awards 2004 Buckingham Beales Hotel


Members of the HCIMA Hospitable Climates initiative

considerate hoteliers

Members of Considerate Hoteliers

considerate hoteliers

Runner up Environmental Hotel of the year Considerate Hoteliers Annual awards 2004 West Lodge Park Hotel

pearce recycling

All paper recycled by Paper Planet Ltd and 15 trees planted in Hertfordshire as a result


All cardboard recycled by Miltek ltd


All glass recycled by Berryman ltd

beales hotels

All toners and cartridges recycled

beales hotels

Green travel plan at Beales Hotel implemented in 2004 which includes a points system with an incentive scheme.

food smiles

2007 Commitment to source 10% of all our food buying within a 50 mile radius of the hotels in partnership with Food Smiles

no smoking

Both hotels declared no smoking hotels in January 2007 ahead of the government ban in July 2007

west lodge park

100 trees planted in the Beale Arboretum at West Lodge Park over the past 2 years 2006/7

carbon trust

Brand new installation (June 2007) of the greenest boilers at West Lodge Park with sponsorship from the Carbon Trust. The new boilers will save the environment annually 214.2 tonnes of CO2 and 58.4 tonnes of Carbon as well as saving £22’480 in annual running costs.

beales hotels

Recycling towel request in every bathroom for guests staying more than one night.